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The Truth 💔

Lots of people will unsubscribe, because they just wanted the free paid-thing, not your newsletters & other offers.

Some of my uber successful entrepreneurs don’t care about unsubscribers. But if you care, read on.

Subscribers are people too.

And they get too many damn emails from that bundle.

Just from you, immediately they have gotten at least 1 receipt, 1 login notification, 1 confirmation email, 1 welcome email, and god forbid, your 4th email about that bundle they just got your thing from…

If they’re really tired, like the most of us, unsubscribing becomes the first thing they do to avoid future overwhelm like this.

The Easy Fix ❤️‍🩹

1.  Smush all those product emails in one: receipt, login, confirmation, welcome to my list

2. Add a wait step on your welcome sequence for these new subs so they’ll get them when the bundle storm cools down.

3. Tag and segment everything: the thing they got, where they came from etc. so they only get the emails that make sense to them.

**If you have 1 newsletter with info these new subs don’t want to hear about (like that bundle they got your thing from), just send that original email to your other subs, then duplicate it + remove that piece of content + send to this segment of new subs.


If you’ve participated in multiple bundles and the tagging and automations are getting out of control, we can help:

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